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Kevin Kooyumjian: Bio

   Starting piano at age two, music was a natural for this California native, having been born of parents both holding Master's Degrees in music. Kevin's father played French Horn, more notably for Frank Sinatra in Las Vegas and his mother played piano, organ and sang professionally. Kevin's mom was also a piano teacher, teaching both her sons in addition to forty students per week.

   "I didn't like my classical music lessons, used to hide way under the Steinway Baby Grand piano my mom had bought. That was a great piano though, superb action." "She had me playing Mozart recitals at five...I was also composing my own music at that time".

   Even though Kevin disliked the rigidity of performing classical music, later in his career he would realize what a valuable asset the rigorous reading, technique and ear-training would prove to be.

   "One of my favorite(?) lessons would be when my mom would have me sit at the Steinway playing a Mozart composition and she'd be right next to me on the upright piano, banging away at the keys playing the most crazy music you ever heard". "That was to train me to focus on my performance, something which helps me to this day".

   By 14, Kevin had converted the garage into a studio complete with piano, organ, drum set, high-quality reel-to-reel recording equipment and professional sound-dampening environment. His mother used the studio to create custom backing-tracks with Kevin acting as recording engineer. Kevin held jam sessions in the studio with other young musicians, branching off into fusion, rock and jazz elements.

   At 21, Kevin turned professional and began touring with prominent California bands, playing just about every style of music at a variety of venues throughout the state. "I've always had diverse taste, and having the opportunity to play professionally for Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Blues, Top 40 and Country bands really helped expand my compositional skills". "Writing and arranging music has always been my forte'...when I was a toddler I used to run around the house playing melodies with my toy saxophone". "I like to write tunes that appeal to the masses, something with a nice melody and catchy beat."

   Well, write music he did and in 1999 Kevin emerged as a successful solo Smooth Jazz artist, performing his mostly original music at many of the Golden State's top jazz and supper clubs.

   In 2004, Kevin began a partnership with Cannery Row Company that continued through Summer 2008, performing year-round on Cannery Row for hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. The Artist soon incorporated a wireless Keytar into his show to recreate Smooth & Latin Jazz guitar styles.

   Kevin's charismatic mastery of the Keytar (guitar-style keyboard) earned him the #1 Keytar video in the world and also an invitation from the A&E television network to perform his original music live on their #1 hit show "Storage Wars" for 4.5 million viewers worldwide.                                                                                                           

   With six albums released to date, Kevin's music is receiving airplay in major radio markets as well as Apple iTunes.